CNC Plastic Machining Plastic Battery Enclosure Prototyping

CNC Plastic Machining Plastic Battery Enclosure Prototyping

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Product Details


Specifications Plastic Rapid Prototype 
1.SLA/SLS prototype 
2.CNC prototype 
3.Silicone prototype 
4.Mould fabrication


Item No.:

Plastic Rapid Prototypes

SLA and SLS:


Why Use Stereolithography

Stereolithography is very similar to the SLS(Selective Laser Sintering) prototyping process.It's best to use SLA,when surface finish and overall appearance straight from the machine is the most important factor in the prototype. Stereolithography models can also be used as master models, when it comes time for multiple prototypes to be produced through secondary tooling.The SLA model is built, the pattern finished and then the silicone rubber is poured around the SLA model to produce a tool that will yield 30+ urethane castings.

Why Use Selective Laser Sintering

SLS is very similar to the SLA (stereolithography) prototyping process.It's best to use SLS,when complex shapes that closely resemble injection molded parts are required.

Surface Finish:

polishing,spray-painting, silk screening, electroplating, anodizing, sand blasting, brush, high gloss,

power-coating,e-coat,laser making etc.

Material Range:

Metal:Stainless Steel,Brass,Aluminium,Steel,Carbon Steel.


Rubber,Silicone,elastomers etc.

Prototype Serviced:

1.Rapid Prototype making(SLA,SLS,FDM).

2.CNC rapid prototype manufacturing.

3.Metal machining.

4.Silicone tooling/urethane casting.

5.Reverse engineering.

6.Industrial Design.

7.Injection Molding.

Industries Serviced:

Automobile components:Lighting,Instrumentation Clusters,Seating etc.

Computer products:Monitors,Towers,Printers etc.

Bathroom Accessories:Faucet,Soap Dispenser,Tumbler Holder, Paper Holder,Head Shower etc.

Medical device:Dental Unit,Heart Operation Instrument,Otoscope etc.

Digital Product:TV,DVD Players,Telephones,MP3,MP4,Digital Photo Frame,Camera,Monitor etc.

Homen Appliance:Microwave Oven, Muffle Furnace,Induction Cooker,kitchen Cabinet etc.

Architectural:Building Model.

Toy Model:Plane,Truck,Car Model,Motorcycle Model,Radio Control Toy Model etc.

CNC machining


CNC aluminum parts 4.png

CNC mock up  6.png

Machining Metal parts:

cnc brass parts8.png9.png

Machining plastic parts:



cnc machining center 14.png

cnc machining prototyping workshop 16.png

We specialize in cnc machining products, precision tooling fixtures, automation machines etc.  90% of our products are non-standard products, so we offer OEM , ODM service.

Kindly send us drawings or samples, we will quote the best price and give professional advices. We can also design drawings for customers upon required informaiton. Thanks ! 


OEM/ODM precision rapid CNC machining aluminum stainless steel brass plastic prototype 


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