Communication of CNC Manufacture

Communication of CNC Manufacture

Specifications: Attention:do not phone me,if i think your price is suitable for us,we we will contact you. T81-0004,T81-0005,T81-0013,T81-0014,T81-0016,T81-0017 Aluminum,tolerance less than 0.1mm T81-0001,T81-0006,T81-0012,T81-008,T81-009,T81-0015 steel,treatment with smooth.

Product Details

Drilling,Broaching,Wire EDM,Rapid Prototyping,Laser Machining,Milling,Etching 

Chemical Machining,Turning,Other Machining Services

CNC Machining :CNC Machining

Micro Machining :Micro Machining

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