Insert Screw Precision Mold

Insert Screw Precision Mold

 Advantages: 1. We are the manufacturer, our own mould factory ,so we have competitive price. 2. Continuous service as support. 3. Diversified rich experiences skillful workers /Speicialized Designer. 4. Custom R&D program ,coordination. 5. Long Life cycle and high quality. 6. One-stop service. 7.Complex mold, precision mold is our strengths!

Product Details

1. Basic Information

Mold type: all tyes of produts plastic mould

Mould base material:  #45.LKM, LYM standard etc

Mould spare parts material:  Jinghong, HASCO, DME etc

Hardness of steel:  28-50HRC

Mould design: 3D/2D drawings

Runner: cold runner

Design days: 1-3days

Mould life: 500,000-3,000,000 shots

Plastic material: PE, PC, PS, PP, PA, ABS, etc

Injection system : pin point gate


2. Quality Reference

Level A:   1,000,000 shots  high

Level B:   800,000 shots     middle

Level C:   500,000 shots     normal



3. Application

Communication/Electronic/Auto parts/Surveillance products/Medical device/equipment and so on .


4. Customers assistance for initial detailed quotation on plastic injection molding

 1) 2D/3D Design drawings offered

 2) If there is no drawing, please advise the dimension/photos with dimension

 3) Material information

 4) Level and quantity information if possible.


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