Welcome Mr.Tanfoglio Dario To Visit Our Mold Factory !

- Feb 03, 2018-

                  Our customer Mr. Tanfoglio Dario visited our mold maker factory on 2018.2.2.

Mr. Tanfoglio Dario, the customer who visited our mould manufactuer on 2018.2.2.  First, he visited Precision CNC Machining machine, EDM cutting machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine, Slow Wire EDM Machine, Grinding machine etc advanced equipments. 

Then, he visited our plastic injection molding workshop, die casting workshop, stamping workshop, and assembly workshop, during this time, he asked many questions and communicated with engineers, 

obviously, he is very interested in these equipments and manufacture capacity.

After he visited the equipments, we returned back to office area, Mr. Tanfoglio Dario told us his company basic information and we also discussed some problems, for example, whether we can accept OEM or not, we can help him to design or not, how to make payment once we cooperate with each other in future and so on, we help him to solve these problems on the spot, he is very happy.

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