China Precision Aluminum 6061 Machining, CNC Custom Metal Fabrication

China Precision Aluminum 6061 Machining, CNC Custom Metal Fabrication

Attention: Please do not pay before we quote to you. The picture and prices shown are just for exhibition and display of our production.So please feel free to send us 3D drawing with STL/IGS/STP file and your product description.We have the magic to turn it into real products and then we will...

Product Details

China precision aluminum 6061 machining , cnc custom metal fabrication

Product Description


cnc turning / milling / stamping parts.

We have more advantages of bulk production, quick turnaround and excellent quality guarantee.


Metal: brass / aluminum / steel / stainless steel / copper / bronze / titanium

Plastic: Pom / arylic / PC 4350 / P1317L etc.

Surface Treatment 

anodized / hard Anodized

zinc / nickel / chrome plating

sand blasting



powder coating etc.

Lead Time

7-15 working days for small order

15-30 working days for mass production


Inner Package: PP / PE / PEP / customized package etc.

Protection layer: Hardboard

Outer Package:

1. Strong Carton boxes (according the dimension of the parts)

2. Packing Belt to keep the carton safety

3. Standard Export Wooden Case

4. Customized Package support


50% on PO, 50% upon Delivery


Our Services

  • Over 20 years of expertise

  • Response within 24 hours

  • Precision cnc milling / turning parts

  • Pre-production meeting to make sure the quality in a health control.

CNC machining




Machining Metal parts:


Machining plastic parts:




 Mold fabrication


Q1: Can you please confirm if you do aluminium fabrication?

Yes, that is our normal machining way, most of aluminium parts widely used in industrial products. e.g. heatsink, led, automotive etc.

Q2: Can you anodize metal?

Yes, we can anodize many colors as per customer's specify, also can do the harden anodize on surface. 

Q3: What printing service can you do on metal? 

There are THREE regular logo printing service we apply to request.

·         Silk-screen:

Need set up mold for this way, but the cost will be higher than other type. Color is available to choose.

·         Laser marking

Two types of outline and filled etching, Color option is not support.

·         Laser etching

Q4: What type of CAD file can you read?

 .igs / .iges / .stp / .step / .dxf / .dwg / .pdf / *.x_t

Q5: Please can you tell me price of this car spare part ?

 We need the drawing to check all details first

Q6: What is the minimum quantity to order?

That depends on what machining process. Nomally sample order also is acceptable.

Q7: Could you send me a sample of the product before the application is made?

Sure, we could do that. For some parts, it is necessary to do so.

Q8: Could you provide me with more information about the product?

Yes, we could. We would be happy to tell you more about our activity as soon as we get your enquiry. 

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