One Year Warranty Plastic Injection Mold Reflektor Chassis with PPA GF60 for Camera

One Year Warranty Plastic Injection Mold Reflektor Chassis with PPA GF60 for Camera

The Part Name: Reflektorchassis Mold type: Plastic injection mold with cold runner. Part Material: PPA GF60 Locating Ring Dimension: φ100 KO Pattern: 380*320mm Sprue Radius: SR10.5 Ejection Type: Ejection pins, ejection sleeves. Mold Construction Description: Cold runner with sub gate, 2 plate mold with sliders, lifters, inserts, and shut off area. This procut is made of POM plastic material and it is one of the components of the reputation brand electronic parts. The mold construction is complicated and there are many inserts, sliders, lifters and ejector pins, so it has a very high technical requirement for mold design. The mold is a cold runner mold with the best water cooling system and the part can be molded by automatically. This part has very high size requirements, the defect showed below will not be acceptable, for example, weld line, dark spot , sliver marks, gas traps effect, visible ejection marks, deformation, short shot filling, burnt streaks, sink marks, flash, over dimension, under dimension, street crack etc, moreover, the product finishing surface must meet the requirements of MT11010.

Product Details

NameDeckel(Plastic Injection Mold)
Plastic MaterialABS, PP, PA66, PA6, PPA, PE, TPV, TPU, LDPE, POM,PA+GF, PET, PMMA, PC+ABS, POM+GF, etc.
Mold Base Material1.2312, 1.1730, 1.2311, P20, etc.
Cayity & Core MaterialH13 HRC48-52, 1.2343, 1.2344, S136, 1.2083, 1.2767, NAK80, etc.
Mold Life1000K shots or according to customers quantity condition to make it, then will save the cost for our customer.
Cavity Number1 cavity, 2 cavities, 4 cavities, it is according to customer’s requirements.
RunnerCold runner or Hot runner.
Gate TypePoint Gate, Sub Gate, Side Gate, Valve Gate, Edge Gate, Tip Gate etc, the gate will according to the part structure and customer’s requirement.
Mold Weight450KG
Mold Base StandardHASCO, DME, LKM local standard, and will according to customer’s requirements.
Cycle Time42 Seconds
Standard of Mold AccessoryLKM, DME, HASCO, MISUMI, MEUSBURGER.
Design SoftUG, CAD, Moldflow etc.
File FormatsUG, CAD, Moldflow etc.
Injection Molding MachineFrom 30T to 250T, total 25 sets machine.
MOQ1 set
PaymentT/T, to be negotiated.
PackagingWooden case with steel frame.
Delivery Time(day)45 days T1, according to customer’s requirements.
OEM or ODMIs available
Mould LogoBased on customer requirements.
After Sales ServiceOne year warranty.

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If this mold with hot runner, the mold key advantages showed below:

1. Clamping pressure can be lower

2. Cooling time is faster

3. Cycle time is faster

4. Energy consumption lowered

5. Injection pressure can be lower

6. Injection process is cleaner

7. Injection gate are on better locations

8. Labor costs for removing the part from the mold and separating runner scrap from the part are eliminated.

9. Output increased

10. Overall profitability increased

11. Possibility of contamination is lessened with no runners

12. Possibility of producing the parts using small injection machines

13. Problems on nozzle freeze or sprue sticking are eliminated

14. Production costs are lowered

15. Production steps are shortened

16.quality of the plastic part is better

17. Regrinding is eliminated

18. Resin costs are lowered

19. Runner scrap eliminated or reduced

20. Runner weight reduces shot size

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