Plastic Cup Mould

Plastic Cup Mould

This mould was made within 25 days smoothly. It is for a tranparent cup made up of PP. It has 2 cavities and can inject 400K shots in all. Its injection machine is 80T.

Product Details

121.jpg Plastic Cup Mould

Steel: 738H stainless steel

Material: PP 

Process: Wire-cutting, EDM; CNC machining, Polishing,etc

Software: UG, & Solidworks

Surface finish: polishing

Drawing format: STP

Order quantity for each: 100000 pcs

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Q & A

  1. Q: How long life of the mould  ?

    A: Normally, 500K shots.

  2. Q: What is the material for the mould?

    A: 738H steel, its hardness can reach over 60.

  3. Q: Is it LKM mould base  ?

    A:Yes, it is. We often use LKM mold base for moulds.

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