U Disk Plastic Mold

U Disk Plastic Mold

portable drives are necessary products for people today, as we are in the fast information era. The portable external hard drive provided in our shop have three main advantages, the portable hard disc are light, easy to be carried away, and the portable hard disk have large storage volume, so that you have no limitation when storing data in it, and also the portable hard disk drive are strictly safety guaranteed.

Product Details

1. Basic Information

Mold type: all tyes of produts plastic mould

Mould base material:  #45.LKM, LYM standard etc

Mould spare parts material:  Jinghong, HASCO, DME etc

Hardness of steel:  28-50HRC

Mould design: 3D/2D drawings

Runner: cold runner

Design days: 1-3days

Mould life: 500,000-3,000,000 shots

Plastic material: PE, PC, PS, PP, PA, ABS, etc

Injection system : pin point gate


2. Quality Reference

Level A:   1,000,000 shots  high

Level B:   800,000 shots     middle

Level C:   500,000 shots     normal



3. Application

Communication/Electronic/Auto parts/Surveillance products/Medical device/equipment and so on .


4. Customers assistance for initial detailed quotation on plastic injection molding

 1) 2D/3D Design drawings offered

 2) If there is no drawing, please advise the dimension/photos with dimension

 3) Material information

 4) Level and quantity information if possible.

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